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We are a small company located in Artés & Manresa (Barcelona). Our mission is to provide quality business management services to Small & Medium Business (SMB). 
Thanks to the wide experience of our employees and partners, our services are based on methodologies, tools and procedures that are normally applied by big companies and multinationals. However, since we do not have to support big overhead costs (structure costs), we can provide them at a competitive and faire price.
Contact us for a quick chat to find out how we can help you.
1- Our core business: We are a company specialized in strategic, financial and operational consulting services for Small & Medium Business.
We provide business consulting services which include management and business administration at different strategic levels and under a company’s global perspective. Being our core business the finance area, we provide integral business consulting services that comprehend not only the finance, but also the customers, internal and learning & growth perspectives. At SMB-FINANCE we work to maximise the efficient management of them all.
2 - Our passion: At SMB-FINANCE we are passionate for finance, operational and business management in general. Offering consulting services brings us the possibility to share our expertise with our customers but, at the same time, learn from them in a long-term relationship. At SMB-FINANCE we prioritize a long-term relationship with our customers in front of short-term financial targets.
At SMB-FIANANCE we love performing business projects. Every single company is unique and, although there are obviously some academic and standard methodologies, to implement them to a particular company becomes a challenging project every time.
3 - Our origins:  SMB may have some competitive advantages compared to bigger companies. Some refer to its bigger flexibility to adapt to a fast changing environment, sometimes the competitive advantage can come from not having so much bureaucracy so that makes them faster, sometimes there is more room for creativity, but what it’s a common feature is the smaller structure they have to finance. 
However, it is obvious that SMB have serious disadvantages in front of bigger companies or multinationals. Furthermore, at SMB-FINANCE we noticed the increasing difficulties for SMB to compete against big multinational companies in a fast-changing and globalized world.
These disadvantages and competitiveness difficulties can come from many different reasons and weaknesses: Some could be:
  • Not using appropriated IT tools for strategic issues and in functional areas.
  • An out of date managing approach. Not managing the company from an integral and strategic point of view is the most common mistake.
  • Not using the appropriated methodologies and procedures.
  • Difficulties in exporting, having international presence or building international partners.
  • etc
We have also noticed that, beyond the usual and more extended accounting, administrative and tax services, there is a gap in the SMB consulting services industry when it comes to strategic, highly specialized and qualified financial and operational services.
At SMB-FINANCE we help you to minimize your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths for a better and more fair competition.
4 - Our commitment and  engagement: We want to help you to grow and we want to grow with you, and we would like to do it in a long-term relationship based on hands on work, on “walking the talk”, on honesty and integrity, on truth and transparency and on commitment and engagement and confidentiality.
We truly believe that, no matter how much experience a company or people have, there are always fascinating challenges and there is always room for shared improvement.
5 - Our expertise, tools, procedures and methodologies: Our expertise comes from our partners and their wide experience in multinational companies, environments and industries. Our methodologies, tools and procedures are the ones that normally apply multinationals. We adapt them to the SMB requirements in order to improve competitiveness and financial performance.
6 - Our contribution: At SMB-FINANCE we want to contribute to reduce the existing and increasing gap between the technologies and methodologies used by big companies and the ones used by small and medium-sized businesses. We understand that one of the key factors for SMB’s success when competing with bigger companies is to operate efficiently and with bigger flexibility.
Under the “knowledge-based” point of view and by following the statement “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, our objective is to deliver added value to our customers that contributes to increase the company’s intangible assets value and improve financial performance.
At SMB-FINANCE we understand that, no matter how well a company is performing, there is always room for improvement. Therefore, one of our main goals is to work on a continuous improvement basis towards the operational excellence. 
7 - Why this website is in English?: 
At SMB-FINANCE we provide managing consulting services in Catalan, Spanish and English. But, being a local service provider, what is the reason to also offer these services in English?. Why an small company would bother so much and put so much effort in being capable to do this?. 
The reason cannot be another one than to provide added value to our customers which can help them to grow their businesses internationally. 
Exporting or having presence in markets abroad:In this world of increasing competitiveness, it is fundamental to think globally. Exporting and opening new markets have become, most of the times, the only way to increase businesses or even one of the few remaining ways to guarantee the long-term prosper. 
The growth strategies based on opening new markets require, most of the times, having a local partner in one of these markets abroad. At this stage, it might be useful to share with them some of the company’s financial and economic information, or to inform them about the company’s strategic plan. Highlighting in a professional way the company’s strengths and the arising opportunities to jointly exploit market opportunities can be crucial when trying to build a long-term profitable partnership relations. This process includes, in a certain way, selling the company’s corporate image. 
At SMB-FINANCE we would like to be your financial partner in this internationalization strategy. 
While operating locally, having international partners or financial investors to report to: In the same sense but within the company’s local market, if you are looking for strong international partners or investors to help you operate in your local market more effectively, you shall report relevant and quality economic and financial data to them. 
Like before, being able to do it professionally can be a competitive advantage and one of the reasons that international partners might consider to choose you in front of others. 
At SMB-FINANCE we can provide this added value that could very well be one of the competitive advantages you are looking for.   
8 - Our values:
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Truth and transparency.
  • Commitment and engagement
  • Confidentiality
We won’t tell you that we are the best. That would be too pretentious! We prefer telling you that we are, like you, a SMB with lots of strengths and some weaknesses as well. If we cannot do it for whatever reason, we will tell you so. If we can do it, we will openly explain you our approach based on our expertise, hardworking, hands on work and eager to learn and improve.
9 - Our generic services can be summarized as follows:
  • Strategic Consulting.
  • Global business consultancy. Balanced Scorecard.
  • Financial consultancy. Financial management outsourcing.
  • Accounting and tax consultancy.
  • Industrial controlling consultancy.
  • Project management consultancy.
  • Operating & manufacturing consultancy.
The services can be provided in English, Catalan and Spanish.
Please take a tour to see further details. 

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